Item No. : PE-TS-018
Product Name: Dry shirataki noodles
Packing Size: by customers' request

Wheat, Konjac,Eggs,salt,Food additives(b Carotene)


Konjac noodles/Shirataki noodles/Konnyaku/Moyu noodles

Specfication: Konjac noodles butterfly/knot; Angel hair; Spaghetti; fettucine; penne and etc.
Application for konjac noodles: Chinese & Western dishes and also Japanese dishes, could be cooked easily, like hot pot, fried, boiled, stunned, beef salad and others.
Advantage: No additives; No preserve; High fibre; Low calories; Low fat;Normalises cholesterol levels;Prevents Diabetes; Prevents high blood pressure; Helps obese people; Rich in Minerals; Alkaline food